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i won’t blog a lot today because i bought dual destinies and i won’t do anything but play until i finish it lmao


a+ edgeworth


choose your poison.

(also *coughs* i sometimes upload noizclear doodle on *coughs* my twitter.

also sketch commission open, please check out if interested)

 by せと
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Anonymous: Hai!! Can u translate what mafu was saying -> "@uni_mafumafu: いま外出たらセミがものすごい勢いで突っ込んで来て 声もあげられずに走って逃げた"it seems kinda serious?thankyouu!!


www it’s not serious at all wwww

Mafumafu: I just went out and a cicada knocked into me with so much vigour that i ran before i could even scream


by 不健康

Samezuka Swim Team Episode 9

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